Wooden Sword

Wooden Sword
Attack ?? Attack Multiplier ??
Heart Change B+ Strength Change C
Skill Change C Familiarity ??
Break 50 Parry 30

Wooden Sword is a Weapon in Nioh.


Wooden Sword Description

"A sturdy oaken practice sword. So hard that it won't break no matter how furiously it connects with an opponent. In fact, deaths from hits during training are not uncommon."


Possible Status Effects

  • Proficency Bonus


Location/Where to Find



  • This item has no Smithing Text
  • Used temporarily during the Basic Action Controls mission.
  • All wooden weapon roll significantly higher proficency bonus (50-80%) than normal weapons

Wooden Sword Upgrade Table

Weapon Level Attack Multiplier by Quality
  White Yellow Blue Purple Green
Level 1 ??        
Level 2 ??        
Level 3 ??        
Level 4 ??        
Level 5 ??        



wooden sword



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    • Anonymous

      I need to know if you can turn it into Unlabored Flawlessness. I hope Team Ninja brought that little Easter egg back.

      • I was so desperate to get this at the beginning of the game and it was bothering me that no info was out there, so I'll comment here: After doing the 3rd main story mission (4th if you include the tutorial/prologue mission), you unlock a dojo mission that offers a wooden sword as a reward. I don't know if this changes later in the game, because I've only done one story mission after that point, but it looks like you can't re-skin normal katanas to look like wooden swords. So if you want to be a badass like Gintoki from Gintama, you will actually have to level up a wooden sword in order to viably use one in the game. I also still can't buy one, so in order to get more wooden swords I've just been doing that dojo mission multiple times (it only takes like a minute) to get multiple swords with different locked stat levels.

        I doubt many people are as interested in using wooden swords as me, but I hope this helps anyone who just started the game and is trying to find wooden swords right away! I spent like an hour or two just fighting every sword-wielding revenant I saw on the off-chance that other players were playing with a wooden sword, but honestly it's probably just faster to do the first few missions and unlock the dojo mission.

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