Nikawa Glue

Type Usable Item

Nikawa Glue is an Usable Item in Nioh.


Nikawa Glue Information

"Made from animal hide and bone, it restores the familiarity of any equipped armour by 150. The glue binds well with wood and paper, so it is used primarily to affix decorations to equipment."



  • Restores 150 familiarity of equipped armour.


Location/Where to Find

  • Sometimes sold by Senji Tome
  • Drops randomly in WotN and Abyss floors 30+ as well as in DLC mission on WotD. 
  • Smithing Text is a hidden reward for completion of Yokai Country on WotSam ONLY. It does not drop on higher difficulties. There will be no in-game message notifying the player. However, upon entering the Blacksmith after completing the mission - Nikawa Glue will be available. It requires Slender Vertebra x1 to forge. 

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