Dung Ball

Type Usable Item

Dung Ball is a Usable Item in Nioh.


Dung Ball Information

"A clump of excrement without enough nutrients to even be used as fertiliser. Use it on an enemy to lower the effect of any medicines they use, and also drastically lower their guard."



  • Used to lower the effect of medicine and lower enemy guard
  • You can give them to a guy in front of a shortcut for a little sidequest. He wants 30 in total and also accepts Noble Dung Ball


Location/Where to Find


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    • Anonymous

      The earth/mud/poop slimes drop these. Some dude wants the, during a quest. You have to go back to the sewers and keep slaying slimes, hoping to get some. You need about 30 to finish it. You can get some extra stuff along the way. A royal dung ball is worth the same as a normal one, for that scat fetish mans mission anyway. If someone his hit by this, he will also gag when he tries to eat a healing item. So you have a longer window to get him.

      • Anonymous

        This wiki is *****ing useless. You have 0 answers for where to get anything and have just copied the text from the game.

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