Usable Items


Usable Items or Consumables in Nioh are those that deplete with use. These items can be quickslotted to shortcuts that respond to the up, down, right and left functions of the d-pad.

Item Use

Recovers health when used. This hard lozenge features several varities of medicinal herb mixed with fine honey.

Shingiku Medicine

Secret medicine made by the legendarily talented Dr.Dosan Manase. Fully restores your health.

Daion-jin's Sake Sacred rice wine that bestows the god Daion-jin's protection, curing and temporarily preventing elemental based damage. Daion-jin is an Onmyo god that occupies one of the eight divine directions.
Hora-gai Shell A horn made from a conch shell, blown to produce a deep trumpet-like sound. Often carried by mountain ascetics called Yamabushi, they are also blown on battlefields to signal or rally troops"
Young Ninja's Locks  
Harakiri Sword Use this item to commit harakiri. You will lose everything but retain your honor.
book_of_reincarnation_niohBook of Reincarnation

A text detailing the secrets of life, death, and rebirth that lets you reassign your Amrita and skill points. However, using it will reset your level and skills. It cannot be used during a mission. 


Heals the player for a portion of their HP.

famed_ninjas_locks_niohFamed Ninja's Locks

A lock of hair from a famed ninja who fell in battle, it is used to gain (X) Ninja skill points. 

famed_onmyo_mage_locks_niohFamed Onmyo Mage's Locks

A lock of hair from a famed Onmyo mage who fell in battle, it is used to obtain (X) Onmyo Skill points. 

Famed Samurai's Locks

A lock of hair from a famed samurai who fell in battle, it is used to gain (X) Samurai skill points. 

fire_amulet_niohFire Amulet

Imbues your weapon with the power of fire.

himorogi_branch_niohHimorogi Branch

Allows you to quit a mission and return to your starting point without losing any Amrita. 


A ceramic ball packed with gunpowder. The powerful explosion and ceramic shrapnel cause great damage to all enemies in the area.

hyottoko_mask_niohHykotto Mask

When used, it spews flames from its mouth into the area around you.


A load of gunpowder wrapped in Japanese paper. When thrown, it explodes and damages all enemies in the area.

moment_talisman_niohMoment Talisman

A magical talisman that summons a Guardian Spirit to attack your enemies for a short period of time. 

raven_tengu_tokko_niohRaven Tengu Tokko

Decreases damage recieved from falls and increases resistance to wind attacks. 

sacred_brush_niohSacred Brush

A ritually purified brush that restores Onmyo items by 30% of the maximum number of Onmyo items you can prepare.

sacred_water_niohSacred Water

Drinking this water will speed Ki recovery for a short period of time.

Sacred Ash Ash from wood burned by monks on a sacred altar. When applies to protective or medicinal items, it cleanses and neutralises any abnormal statuses or effects.
shingiku_medicine_niohShingiku Medicine

Fully restores your health. 

Shinobi Box

Use it to restore 30% of the maximum number of Ninjitsu items you can prepare. 

signpost_talisman_niohSignpost Talisman

Places a signpost where you are and on your compass that indicates which way you need to go. 

small_spirit_stone_niohSmall Spirit Stone

Use it to receive 100 Amrita.

spirit_stone_niohSpirit Stone

Use it to recieve 500 Amrita.


Nothing more than a simple rock. But it's the perfect size for throwing.

Travel Amulet

It transports you safely back to the last Shrine at which you prayed.

uchiko_powder_niohUchiko Powder  A sack of powder made from ground-up sword sharpening stone. Temporarily raises familiarity. 

It restores the Familiarity level of any equipped weapon by 150.

yokai_incense_niohYokai Incense

Attracts Yokai.

Master Samurai's Locks  
Summoner's Candle A special candle that summons Guardian Spirits and Amrita from graves. This rare item is made of natural wax extracted from fruits that bloom only once every eight year.
Young Samurai's Locks A lock of hair from a young samuraii who fell in battle, it is used to obtain 2 samurai skill points. Since ancient times the hair of the deceased is said to harbor mystical powers that grant strength and protection to those who keep it on their person.
Antiparalytic Needle An acupuncture needle that neutralizes paralysis and the accumulated effects of paraltic agents. When applied to the correct pressure needles can be used to treat a variety of ailments.
Master Ninja's Locks  
Master Onmyo Mage's Locks  
Sloth Talisman Greatly reduces the movement speed of your enemy.


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