Yokai Water Pot

yokai water pot nioh
Type Usable Item
Glory Need 140

Yokai Water Pot is a Usable Item in Nioh.


Yokai Water Pot Information

"A magic pot containing water from the underworld that opens a portal to the Yokai Realm when thrown. The pot itself is made of clay harvested from the underworld, as no normal material can hold such special water."



  • Releases a patch ofYokai Realm on impact. It drains the ki of human opponents and prevents them from recovering any of it as long as they stay in said patch.


Location/Where to Find


Earth Amulet  ♦  Fire Amulet  ♦  Lightning Amulet  ♦  Sacred Brush  ♦  Shinobi Box  ♦  Summoner's Candle  ♦  Water Amulet  ♦  Wind Amulet

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