Inhabited Kodama Bowl

Type Usable Item
Glory Need 325
Max Carry Capaacity 99

Inhabited Kodama Bowl is a Usable Item in Nioh.


Inhabited Kodama Bowl Information

"A bowl possessed by a Kodama spirit. Toss it on the ground and wait; a Kodama will soon appear."



  • Adds a 10% bonus to your current Kodama Blessing. Also adds the "Kodama Blessing Power up"
  • The effect above has been tested and it does not work.  This is erroneous information.  At the moment not enough information is known, it's entirely possible the Kodama bowl has no use besides being a consumable like a firework item in any other game.
  • So far this item does absolutely nothing


Location/Where to Find

  • Dropped by Kappa
  • Found at The Seven Good Tidings Sub Mission Completion
  • Sold by Matsunaga "Danjo" Hisahide in the Hidden Teahouse


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