medicine nioh item
Type Usable Item
locked iconEffect
Restores HP

Medicine is an Usable Item in Nioh. Most Usable Items grant various effects such as restorative properties for recovering HP, removing certain negative status effects or applying temporary buffs and debuffs, while others can be thrown at enemies to deal damage.


Medicine Information

"Recovers health when used. This hard lozenge features several varities of medicinal herb mixed with fine honey."



  • Restores 55% Max HP.
  • Serves the same purpose as Elixirs.


Location/Where to Find



  • While they serve the same purpose as Elixirs they cannot be obtained or used outside the Tower of London.
  • They are functionally a different item therefore they are stored in the separate stack in the inventory and they wont be refilled from the Elixir stack in the Store House.
  • Unlike Elixirs, Medicine will stack up to 20.


Usable Items
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    • Anonymous

      Few things potentially worth adding to the descriptions on this page:

      - It can stack up to 20 when you're in London (as well as it only being available in the Tower of London)
      - Because it can only be found in London, you cannot regain medicine from an elixir stack, since you can't do that at the tower's shrines
      - It is stacked distinctly from normal elixir other than what you bring over being converted to medicine during The Queen's Eyes

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