Harakiri Sword

harakiri sword nioh
Type Usable Item

Harakiri Sword is an Item in Nioh.


Harakiri Sword Information

"This short sword was used in the ritual suicide of a famous general. Harakiri, also known as seppuku, was a ritual suicide by disembowelment to atone for carelessness or to show regret for one's actions. The person committing harakiri retained their honour by showing the determination to accept the ultimate responsibility and punishment for their transgressions.

use this item to commit harakiri. You will lose everything, but retain your honour. (You will lose all Amirita and be returned to the nearest Shrine.)"



  • You will lose everything, but retain your honour. (You will lose all Amirita and be returned to the nearest Shrine.)


Location/Where to Find

  • Found in the mission Isle of Demons in a cave near the end of the level.


Usable Items
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    • Anonymous

      Note: You will not drop the amirita to pick up later. When it says lose the amirita it means lose the amirita permanetley.

      • Anonymous

        Only use this has, if you don't have a ". By using the Harakiri Sword, you will die, and return to nearest shrine, without any Amrita. By then using the Summoner's Candle you regain the Amrita to be used at the shrine or at a later time.

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