Onmyo Magic Skill Points is an Additional Stat in Nioh. These points are used to learn Onmyo Magic Skills.

You can only get these points by leveling the magic stat. Despite what this previous sentence said. you can also get earn them by using "locks of Hair Items.
These items are as Follows.

  • Young Onmyo Mage Locks
  • Master Onmyo Mage Locks
  • Famed Onmyo Mage Locks

These items are found within levels as one time only fixed treasure and as mission rewards. for example in the DLC mission Yokai Country a treasure chest in a hut past the 2nd large enemy will contain Master Onmyo Mage Locks the first time you open it. but will contain random loot subsequent times.
For more location please visit their individual pages.


Agility  ♦  Attack  ♦  Body  ♦  Break  ♦  Defense  ♦  Dexterity  ♦  Equipment Weight  ♦  Familiarity  ♦  Gold  ♦  Guardian Spirit Bond  ♦  Heart  ♦  Ki  ♦  Ki Pulse  ♦  Level  ♦  Life  ♦  Magic  ♦  Ninjutsu Capacity  ♦  Ninjutsu Power  ♦  Onmyo Magic Capacity  ♦  Onmyo Magic Power  ♦  Parry  ♦  Proficiency  ♦  Samurai Skill Points  ♦  Skill (Stat)  ♦  Spirit  ♦  Stamina  ♦  Strength

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