Agility is a Stat in Nioh. Players are assigned an Agility Rank of either A, B, C or D, with A being the greatest and D the worst - this rank is decided by the weight of the player's equipment as a percentage of their total weight capacity. Agility Rank determines a number of gameplay aspects: the speed and length of dodges/rolls, the rate at which players regenerate Ki, as well as the Ki cost of attacking. 


Agility Information

Agility Ranks:  

  • A rank requires the player to have <30% equipment ratio but will provide the greatest Ki regeneration speed, lowest Ki expenditure while attacking and dodging and allow the player to perform longer, faster dodges and rolls than at higher ranks. 
  • B rank requires <70% equipment ratio. At this rank players will use 10% more Ki during attacks and dodges, 25% more Ki during sprints, and regenerate Ki 30% slower - than at A rank. 
  • C rank requires <100% equipment ratio. Players at this rank will use 45% more Ki during attacks and dodges, 100% more Ki during sprints (while also sprinting 15% slower) and regenerate Ki 50% slower - than at A rank. 
  • D rank is applied to players with >100% equipment ratio. Players at this rank will suffer massive penalties to manoeuvrability and Ki expenditure. In short - don't do this.
  • Some Weapons come with a "+ Damage from Agility" bonus based on your present Agility. You get about 13% damage increase at A rank,  about 9% with B rank and a nominal increase with C and D ranks. 


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    • Anonymous

      With the new ''-% equipment weight'' mod on divine armor, it is possible to get a B agility with a full heavy armor set like ''the warrior of the east''.

      At least, that is what I am assumeing.

      I am now at 31 stamina and 25 strenght and I am at 75,2% equipment eight. If my presumptions that stamina (for me) gives 0.5% less every point up to 40 stamina, are correct, that means that at 40 stamina I would have 70,7% equipment rating. I don't think that after 40 stamina it is point efficient to level that stat even more up since there is another stat that increases your max equipment weight: strenght.
      If I level strenght after that, I HAVE to get below 70%. Just a matter of getting there. I'll come back after I made this work.

      BTW: yes, this build is pretty much unstoppable. I have the ''warrior of the east'' set, the Kara-jishi (main) + Saoirse (secondary) guardian spirits and an axe with 21 C.C. life drain. This gives me a grand total of 21 life drain on normal, and 76 life drain on skill attacks. Basically, with a good Ki generation (which I would get if I have B agility, hence this thread) this build would be dummy proof. Just be sure you don't have an IQ of lower then 50 and you can easily do every content in this game this way xD.

      • Anonymous

        If you read this you've been visited by the Western Samurai of Many Techniques and Guardian Spirits. Good fortune and Crucial power is gonna be yours, but only if you reply "Thank William, Samurai from the West" in this thread.

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