Lightning is a Status Effect in Nioh.


Lightning Information

  • Slows attack speed and movement


Items That Inflict Lightning

  • Moment Talisman
    (With Lightning Spirit)

  • Guardian Spirit Talisman
    (With Lightning Spirit)

  • Onmyo Magic
    Lightning Talisman, Lightningshot Talisman

  • Lightning Amulet

Enemies/Bosses Weak To Lightning

  • Large enemies (One-Eyed Oni, Onyudo)

  • Fast Enemies (Wheelmonk, Ninja Yoki)

  • Human Enemies/Bosses

Guardian Spirits

  • Raiken

  • Gyokuto

  • Kara-Jishi

  • Atlas Bear

Tips & Notes

  • Lightning is a counter to Wind as most Wind enemies are very quick

  • On its own Lightning significantly slows an enemy movement, but can be stacked with a Sloth Talisman to render any enemy that you can't seem to dodge nearly immobile. A handy element to always bring with you

  • A great tool to use against your fellow Samurai warriors as it makes it impossible for them to get out of your combos

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