Paralysis is a Status Effect in Nioh.


Paralysis Information

  • Prevents action until effect wears off, an item is used or the inflicted is hit


Items That Inflict Paralysis

  • Ninjustu
    Paralysis Shuriken, Hemlock Broth, Medusa Powder

  • Itokuri Guardian Spirit
    (Adds passive Paralysis build-up to weapon; Note: Weapon cannot have elemental damage for the paralysis to work)


Enemies/Bosses Weak To Paralysis

  • All enemies can be paralyzed


Tips & Notes

  • The Hino-Enma Kabuto Head Piece increases attack damage by roughly 50% while an enemy is paralyzed.

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    • Anonymous

      To be more precise, not all enemies and bosses can be paralyzed, but most of them. Enemies immune to Paralysis are: Karakasa Umbrella, Sentry and Nurikabe. Bosses immune to Paralysis: Yamata no-Orochi, Gasha-dokuro, Umi-Bozu and Hino-enma. From Way of the Demon some bosses become immune to paralysis and they are: Ishida Mitsunari, Saika Magoichi and Otani Yoshitsugu.

      • Anonymous

        it's important to keep in mind that Itokuri adds paralysis to weapons that already have paralysis too. This means that weapons can have about 50 paralysis on them, giving a kusarigama with paralysis and Itokuri the ability to easily paralyze most foes in a single low-stance quick attack combo. This is, obviously, great for farming revenants and cheesing a lot of enemies so long as they don't block.

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