New Game Plus information for Nioh covered on this page.


New Game Plus Information

  • When you complete the game, after the credits have rolled, you will return to the general overview screen and you will unlock a new difficulty for all of the Missions called Way of the Strong. This new difficulty dramatically increases the challenge of missions but also the rewards.
  • You won't be starting all over with everything locked up as you would in Dark Souls games, instead you can replay through any of the missions you have available through the different difficulty modes as well as perform the Twilight Missions.
  • Upon defeating the game, you'll also unlock new skins, gear and more items that will help you tackle the new harder difficulty. Divine Items, a new green colored rarity of equipment will begin to drop during this mode.
  • You will now be able to upgrade your Guardian Spirits with Amrita, up to level 30 which nominally increases their Protection and Living Weapon values.


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