Warrior of the East's Honor

2 Pieces

Damage Reduction: 2.0%
Skill Damage (Merciless Barrage) +30%

4 Pieces

Close Combat Damage: +10.2%
Increase Attack & Defence (Shinka) +10

5 Pieces

Change to Attack (Body): B

6 Pieces

Skill Life Drain: 25


Warrior of the East's Honor is a Set in Nioh.


Warrior of the East's Honor Information

  • Type: Heavy Armor
  • Level Range: 15+
  • Qualities: Rare & Exotic
  • Requirements: 9 Strength & 9 Body


Where to Find Warrior of the East's Honor Pieces

  • Can be obtained from the Sub Mission: "The Champion of the East" in the Tokai Region as a reward.
  • Can drop from Revenants of players who have acquired pieces of this Set.
  • Can also drop randomly from missions in later regions.
  • Can be forged by the Blacksmith;



  • Heavy Armor set, even with 40 Stamina you will still be above 70% equipment weight meaning your Agility will be stuck at C rank. Slows down Ki regeneration and lowers dodge invincibility frames and slows movement as well.
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Set Pieces



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