Guardian Spirit Protection

Bonus Lvl 1 Lvl 30 Req
Spirit Protection +20% +23% 0 req
Sense Enemies on Radar - - 0 req
Life +100 +150 6 req
Close Combat Health Recovery 100 175 9 req
Human Close Combat Damage +9% +13.5 10 req
Strong Attack Ki Usage -10% -17.5% 11 req

Living Weapon

Bonus Lvl 1 Lvl 30  
ATK Enhance 10% 12%  
Element Water (30)  50  
Duration 22 23.4  
Might 1400 1500  
Action B B+  
Recovery C C  
Tenacity C C+  
Amrita Gauge Rate D  

Isonade in Nioh is a Guardian Spirit that the player can choose that provides the player with passive and active benefits.



Water elemental. Pronounced "EE-soh NAH-day", the name means "the sea's caress". Following the northern sea wings, Isonade prowls just beneath the surface in search of prey. It uses its powerful tail to entangle and pull victims beneath the waves. By the time you feel the slightest breeze, it's already too late. Believing it responsible for stirring up rough seas, local sailors make offerings to the Isonade in a prayer for calm sailing.


How to Get Isonade/Where to find Isonade

  • Available as one of the 3 starting guardians
  • Chugoku Region, Sub Mission "The Three Angry Gods" - level 31



Isonade Strategies and Notes

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