Guardian Spirit Protection

Bonus Lvl 1 Lvl 30 Req
Spirit Protection 20.0% 23% ? req
Amrita Sense - - ? req
Sense Enemies - - ? req
Amrita Earned +12.5% +20% 20 req
Special Effects (Critical) +20% +25% 23 req
Retrieve Lost Amrita 75.0% 85% ? req

Living Weapon

Bonus Lvl 1 Lvl 30  
ATK Enhance 5.0% 5%  
Water 30 50  
Duration 10.0 10.0  
Might 500 600  
Action B- B  
Recovery A+ A+  
Tenacity B- B-  
Amrita Gauge Rate A- A-  

Saoirse in Nioh is a Guardian Spirit that the player can choose that provides the player with passive and active benefits. Living Weapon is used by pressing + when the meter is full.

Aquatic guardian spirit that resembles the Merrow of Celtic legend, with feathered wings and a fish's tail. Saoirse can warn of impending danger and sense Amrita. She has been with William since he was a child, and is both friend and family to him now - or perhaps something more. Her name is pronounced "SEER-shuh" and means "freedom" in Gaelic.


Saoirse Information

Saiorse is William's original Guardian Spirit. She's a pale humanoid with red horns. Her appearance takes inspiration from the Celtic Merrow, having piscine features like a fish's tail. She has been with William since he was a child and can sense Amrita. Uniquely she does not speak English or Japanese, but Irish Gaelic. 

Saoirse Strategies and Notes

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