Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Mystic Art
Cleared Mission "A Greater Harmony"

Amplification is an Onmyo Magic Skill in Nioh


Amplification Description

"Extends the duration of effects from skills and items."

If a player gives themselves a buff through a skill or item, the duration of the buff is increased.

Also, if the player applies an element to their weapon with a talisman, the weapon will keep that element for longer.

Also works for ninjutsu that buffs the player, such as power pills.


  • Power pill: base of 36 seconds, extended to 42 seconds
  • Fire Talisman: base of 40 seconds, extended to 65 seconds


  • Does not work with de-buffs that are applied to enemies, such as armor reduction
  • Does not affect the Oasis spell
  • Does not affect the duration of thrown items such as the cloud from poison bombs

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