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Kikkawa is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The Kikkawa clan expanded from Aki province (present-day Hiroshima prefecture) to conquer the Chugoku region and eventually rule the provinces of Izumo and Hoki (Shimane prefecture) as well. Well-known clan leaders include Motoharu and Hiroie.

Kikkawa Motoharu was born the second son of Mohri Motonari. Adopted into the Kikkawa clan, he eventually inherited its leadership. Along with the Kobayakawa clan, the Kikkawa clan became one of the "two rivers" supporting the Mohri clan in their struggle for supremacy ( a play on the clan names, both of which include the character for "river"). Later, Kikkawa Hiroie's reliability and diligence was recognised by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who granted Hiroie the names Toyotomi and Hashiba as well as his adopted daughter's hand in marriage.

The family crest, known as "Mitsu-hiki ryo", is three horizontal lines in a circle. This is likely a reference to the "three arrows" teaching Mohri Motonari is said to have imparted to his sons: one arrow can be snapped easily, but three arrows held together can not.


Crest Protection

  • Status Ailments Relieved (Elixir Used): 100%
  • Damage Reduction (Elixir Used): +11%


Special Reward

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