These missions are the "easiest" to beat in Nioh, and are listed in order to beat a NG+ run-through as quickly as possible. Clearing the numbered missions and four of the optional missions should be enough to unlock Queens Eyes Mission.

Kyushu Region

  1. The Man with the Guardian Spirit (Tutorial Level)
  2. Isle of Demons (First Boss Mission)
  3. Death to Bandits (Kill the Head Bandit at the First Boss Level)
  4. Wreathed in Flame (Kill 3 Tire Monks at First Boss Level)
  5. A Request from Ginchiyo (The Mountain Shrine level)
  6. Finders, Keepers (Kill the correct Kappa of the 3 in the caves)
  • Warrior of the West [OPTIONAL]

Ghugoku Region

  1. The Three Angry Gods (Three Giant vs. on the Cliffside Shrine)
  2. The Silver Mine Writhes (Centipede Boss)
  3. The Magatama of Fire (Kill a dude in the corner of the Centipede Boss Lair)
  • Heir to the Nioh (with help)[OPTIONAL]

Kinki Region

  1. The Ogress (TP Lady in the Graveyard)
  2. The Disappearing Ranjatai (Find the Mimic in the Graveyard)
  3. The Malefactors (Kill 2 revenants; kill Boss Reveanant at Spider Castle Manor)
  4. Spider Nest Castle (Spider Lady Boss)
  • Falling Snow (Ice Princess Boss Battle)[OPTIONAL]
  • The Demon of Mount Hiei (Nekomata White Tiger Boss)[OPTIONAL]

Tokai Region

  1. The Giant Frog Brawl (Toad Boss in Field)
  2. The Three Souls (Three Lickers in the Graveyard)
  3. A Fiercer Flame (Iga Mansion Backwards; kill last guy)
  • The Iga Escape (Toad Boss in Mansion)[OPTIONAL]

Sekigahara Region

  1. Demon's Daughter (Save the Girl in the Cave)
  2. The Unrepentant Thief (kill the end thief in Pirate's Bay)

Omi Region

  • A Meeting on the Other Shore (Ice Princess + Oda Boss Battle)[OPTIONAL]


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