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Shima is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The Shima clan were based in Yamato province (present-day Nara prefecture) and traditionally stood alongside the Tsutsui clan and others in their clashes against the Miyoshi and Matsunaga clans. They later served the Ishida clan. Shima Kiyooki, also known as Sakon, was one of the clan's best-known members.

Sakon helped Tsutsui Junkei in his struggle to unify Yamato, but later left Junkei's service and became a ronin. He was eventually invited by Ishida Mitsunari to lead his forces—a deal Ishida sweetened by granting Sakon no less than half  his own personal holdings.

The "Mitsu-kashiwa" family crest of three oak leaves is said to refer to the ancient practice of leaving offerings before sacred oak trees, and believed to have been used by clans with ancestral connections to Shinto shrines.


Crest Protection


Special Reward

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