Fanatic's Armor: Hizayoroi

Defensive Multiplier 262 Weight 7.6
VS. Fire - VS. Water -
VS. Wind 3 VS. Lightning -
VS. Earth - VS. Poison -
VS. Paralysis - VS. Yokai Realm -
Body 7 Strength 7

Fanatic's Armor: Hizayoroi is a Leg Guard in Nioh


Fanatic's Armor: Hizayoroi Description


"Waist and thigh protection made by layering small "kusazuri" scales on the "haidate" emblazoned with the Toriikasa family crest. This Tosei-gusoku armor was owned by the Tokugawa loyalist Torii Mototada, highly acclaimed as being a warrior among warriors in Mikawa. Since he was a hostage of the Imagawa clan, Mototada served Tokugawa Ieyasu, and fought against the likes of the Asai, Asakura, and Takeda clans on the road to unifying Mikawa. In a battle with the Hojo clan where Ieyasu was attacked from behind by the enemy, Mototada was able to drive them back with only a small contingent of troops. He remained loyal to Ieyasu until his dying days, and could always be seen wearing the same armor on the battlefield."


Possible Status Effects


Location\Where to find




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