Gallantry Armor: Hizayoroi

Defensive Multiplier 264 Weight 7.8
VS. Fire - VS. Water -
VS. Wind 5 VS. Lightning -
VS. Earth - VS. Poison -
VS. Paralysis - VS. Yokai Realm -
Body 8 Strength 8

Gallantry Armor: Hizayoroi is a Leg Guards in Nioh


Gallantry Armor: Hizayoroi Description

"Waist and thigh protection made from gold-plated iron platelets bound together with five layers of thread, making them worthy of a general. This Tosei-gusoku armor was worn by Ishida Mitsunari, who served as an advisor to Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Mitsunari loyally supported the Toyotomi even after Hideyoshi's death, and wore this armor during the battle of Sekigahara, which would turn out to be Mitsunari's final battle."


Possible Status Effects


Location\Where to find

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