Guardian Spirit Protection

Spirit Protection +20% 0 req
Dash Endurance -15% 0 req
Amrita Earned +3% 7 req
VS. Lightning +20 10 req
Treasure Sense - ? req
Yokai Close Combat Damage +12% ? req

Living Weapon

ATK Enhance 10% 
Element Lightning (30) 
Duration 21.4 secs 
Might 850 
Action B
Recovery D+
Tenacity B
Amrita Gauge Rate B-

Raiken in Nioh is a Guardian Spirit that the player can choose that provides the player with passive and active benefits.

Raiken Information

"Pronounced "RYE-ken". Written with the characters of "thunder" and "dog", these holy hounds are venerated as protector spirits. Tresspassers struck down by lightning on holy ground were actually punished by these creatures. Although extremely different to approach, they are fiercely loyal to their masters in the rare cases when humans have befriended them. Normal dogs fear thunder, but Raiken actively marshall it to protect their masters. Every Raiken has a mate, and their true power is revealed when they are paired."

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