Summoner's Candle

Type Usable Item

Summoner's Candle is an Usable Item in Nioh.


Summoner's Candle Information

"A special candle that summons Guardian Spirits and Amrita from graves. This rare item is made of natural wax extracted from fruits that bloom only once every eight years."




Location/Where to Find

  • Dropped by ??
  • Found at ??
  • Sold by ??
  • Crafted with 3 Ogress's Claws after unlocking the recipie via progression
  • Reward for first completion of the main mission: The Demon of Mount hiei

    • Anonymous

      31 Mar 2018 16:55  

      i just found one before the main boss. when u see the big gate go back and left arnound go up the ladder and roll off the 2nd tower thing the corpse there has this candle :D

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