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Akechi is a Clan in Nioh.

Clan Analysis

The Akechi clan began as a branch of the Toki clan, itself descended from the Genji, and served the Asakura and others as retainers before entering the service of the Oda clan. Territory under their control included Sakamoto in Omi province (present-day Shiga prefecture) and Tanba province (present-day central Kyoto and North-Eastern Hyogo). Their best-known leader was Akechi Mitsuhide.

Mitsuhide was a trusted lieutenant of Nobunaga during the campaign to unify Japan until, in a sudden betrayal, he assassinated Nobunaga at Honnoji. When Nobunaga's ally Toyotomi Hideyoshi returned from his battle with the Mohri clan, however, he crushed Mitsuhide's forces and wiped out the Akechi line in the process.

Akechi's family crest comes direct from their ancestral Toki clan and depicts the Japanese bellflower. The design is said to be auspicious, dating from an incident in which a warrior enjoyed great success in battle after picking a bellflower and wearing it in his helmet.

Crest Protection

Special Reward

Daily Reward 

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