Divine Weapons in Nioh are some of the most powerful in the game. They can only be found after reaching NG+.

For more information, see Divine Items.


Divine Weapons


Weapon Special Change Change Change Break Parry
Kusanagi Tsurugi ?? Heart B+ Strength D+ Skill C+ 60 43
Ningen Mokotsu ?? Body B+ Strength C Skill C 65 47
Tate-ugachi Bow ?? Heart B+ Skill C+ Dexterity D+ 38 0
Haja the Evil-Crusher ?? Body C+ Stamina D+ Strength B+ 137 24
Rasatsu Kusarigama ?? Body D+ Skill C+ Dexterity B+ 47 39
Kogarasu-maru and Nuke-manu ?? Heart D+ Strength C+ Skill B+ 52 58
Ginshu Hand Cannon  ??  Stamina B+  Skill C+  Dexterity D+  143  0


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    • Anonymous

      19 Aug 2017 20:29  

      yup, all crap just fighting Mitsunari for the first time and i got 6 haja the evil crushers in my inventory.

      • Anonymous

        01 Mar 2017 14:13  

        I didn't even unlock "Way of the Strong" yet nor have I beaten John Dee and I already have a crapton of divine weapons and items just by beating revenants.

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