Jumonji Spear

Body Change B+ Strength Change D
Skill Change C Attack Multiplier  574
Break 64 Parry 41
Body 5 Skill 5

Jumonji Spear is a Weapon in Nioh.


Jumonji Spear Description

"This "Cross Spear" has curved blades extending to the left and right of the central blade. It is excellent at both piercing and slicing across a wide area. However it requires a certain level skill to wield effectively."

Possible Status Effects

  • Amrita Earned (+%)
  • Mid Attack Damage (+%)
  • Low Guard Ki Usage (+%)


Location/Where to Find

  • Sold by Blacksmith Tome
  • Found at ??
  • Dropped by ??



  • Yukimura Sanada's famous Spear.
  • Gains bonus damage from joining Sanada Clan.




Jumonji Spear Upgrade Table

Weapon Level Attack Multiplier
Level 1 ??
Level 2 ??
Level 3 ??
Level 4 ??
Level 5 ??




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