Akaoni-no-Sankaku Spear
Body Change B+ Strength Change C
Skill Change C Familiarity -
Break 69 Parry 50

Akaoni-no-Sankaku Spear is a Spear Weapon available in Nioh.

Akaoni-no-Sankaku Spear Description

"A greatspear with a robust spearhead. The blade tip's thick triangular cross section ensures it never breaks in the midst of battle. The shaft is thick and durable to keep the weapon balanced, but the added weight means only the very strongest warriors can handle it. The name translates to "the red demon's triangular spear", a reference to the blade's shape and the red-armored army led by Ii Naomasa who wielded the spear. Formerly of the Imagawa clan, Naomasa joined Tokugawa Ieyasu a little later than other senior officials, but his military exploits with this spear in his hands earned him a place as one of the four great Tokugawa commanders."

Special Effects

See Reforge Table for full Special Effects list

Where to Find


  • This is the only spear available with a wide triangular-based spearhead. 




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