Rosewood Tonfa

rosewood tonfa
Attack Varies Attack Multiplier ???
C+ Skill 
D+ Familiarity 750
Break 57 Parry 54

Rosewood Tonfa is a Tonfa in Nioh. A pair of batons, each with a handle and one held in each hand. They allow for numerous high-speed skills and excel at whittling away an enemy's Ki. While they make it easy to deal with incoming attacks, they can just as easily be used offensively. However, their limited range means the wielder must remain close to their opponent.


Rosewood Tonfa Description

"Rosewood Tonfa These tonfa are made from rosewood imported from southern lands. The wood itself is hard, dense, and bug—resistant, making it a favoured material for furniture and musical instruments. Rosewood gets its name from the faint, flowery aroma it gives off, and is one of the three most prized types of non—Japanese timber"


Possible Status Effects


Location/Where to Find



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