Brave General (H): Do

Brave General H Do
Defensive Multiplier 328 Weight 11.1
VS. Fire 0 VS. Water 0
VS. Wind 0 VS. Lightning 0
VS. Earth 3 VS. Poison 0
VS. Paralysis 3 VS. Yokai Realm 0
Stamina 12 Strength 12

Brave General (H): Do is a Torso Armor in Nioh.


Brave General (H): Do Description

"Body armor featuring a double-plated design with fasterning on the right side. It is made up of tiny inverted 'kozane' scales. The sleeves are form-fitting 'itazana' plates for high maneuverability, whilst still presenting the look of heavy armor. This armor belonged to a warlord whose exploits with the spear gained him notoriety."


Possible Status Effects

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Location/Where to Find

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