Kaido Armor: Do

Defensive Multiplier 351 Weight 11.3
VS. Fire 0 VS. Water 0
VS. Wind 0 VS. Lightning 0
VS. Earth 0 VS. Poison 0
VS. Paralysis 0 VS. Yokai Realm 0
Stamina 13 Strength 13

Kaido Armor: Do is a Torso Armor in Nioh


Kaido Armor: Do Description

"This do is vermillion in colour, with gold lacquer work in the abdominal region presenting a sun design. Though a heavy armor design, the left shoulder sleeve has been substituted with bear skin, giving a wild and intimidating air to the outfit. This heavy armor is said to have belonged to Sakata Kintoki, one of the four great commanders who served Minamoto-no-Yorimitsu. Sakata Kintoki is the samurai who inspired the folklore legend Kintaro, and is also known as Kaido-maru. This armor is thought to have been one of the spoils of war at the defeat of Shuten Doji by Yorimitsu and his men."


Possible Status Effects


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