Karakawa Armor: Do

Defensive Multiplier 328 Weight ??
VS. Fire 0 VS. Water 0
VS. Wind 0 VS. Lightning 0
VS. Earth 3 VS. Poison 0
VS. Paralysis 3 VS. Yokai Realm 0
Stamina ?? Strength ??

Karakawa Armor: Do is a Torso Armor in Nioh.


Karakawa Armor: Do Description

"This do is a heavyweight item, equipped with both sandalwood plate and chest to protect the areas under the arms and across the chest. The breastplate is covered in tiger skin and sports a beautiful and rousing emblem. Heavy armor, said to have once belonged to Acala, or Fudo Myo. It was bestowered upon Taira-no-Sadamori by the Imperial Court, and has been a great treasure of the Taira clan ever since. Karakawa means skin of the tiger, When the Taira clan was wiped out at Dan-no-Ura, the Karakawa armor is said to have disappeared."


Possible Status Effects

  • ??


Location/Where to Find

  • Sold by ??
  • Found at ??
  • Dropped by ??



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