Lumber Chop

Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Heaven and Earth

Lumber Chop is an Axe Skill in Nioh


Lumber Chop Description

  • High stance only. Focuses your strength before unleashing a powerful blow.



Lumber Chop Command

  • Hold




  • Catwalk + Suppa allow you to stealth into enemies and backstab them , or use lumber chop against them, dealing much higher damage. This makes lumber chop great for ninjutsu stealth builds
  • If you one-shot enemies while stealthed, you don't lose stealth, you can kill groups of enemies with lumber chop stealthed
  • If used for stealth kills, disable backstab from your preferences to avoid using it mistakenly
  • Deals very high damage if charged
  • Can be combined with adamantine to tank a hit from a revenant, then counter with chop
  • Sends enemies tumbling back even if not charged much,  afterwards, you can dash to them and hit them. This works very well if you do a half-charged lumber chop on a human enemy just as it gets up the ground, since it lets you combo further
  • Combine with damage buffs, like carnage and rage, to one-hit kill big enemies from stealth
  • Works magnificently at breaking the crystals in the white tigger misssion while in stealth
  • If you knock an an enemy down, you can charge lumber chop while its down
  • Combines well with paralysis, which can be caused by groundfire paralysis traps, medusa powder, and paralysis shurikens, in order of usefulness





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