Novice - Adept - Veteran
Ninja Skill Point Cost
1 - 2 - 3
Skill Type
Jutsu Cost
3 - 2 - 1

Suppa is an Ninja Skill in Nioh


Suppa Description

  • Lets you ready 5 Suppa Scrolls. Temporarily reduces your presence, making it difficult for enemies to find you.



Suppa Command

  • Needs to be set as a shortcut




  • Very good for sneak attacks or moving through enemy forces without fighting.
  • Moving too close to an enemy will give you away, and cause you to decloak.
  • You can't use Suppa while under the enemy's attention, as you will decloak.
  • Makes you invisible, but enemies can hear you, so at close range you might be detected
  • If you use catwalking, enemies dont hear you, and approaching is easier
  • You can use it to get to an enemy's back, then backstab it
  • If you have a strong charge skill, like lumber chop, it is superior to backstab. This makes axe users very good stealth characters






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