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Tachibana is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The Tachibana clan originally served the Otomo clan in Bungo province (today's Oita prefecture), but later made their home in Yanagawa, Chikugo province (Southern Fukuoka). Tachibana Muneshige and his wife Ginchiyo were among their most famous members.

Muneshige was born into the Takahashi clan, but his marriage to Ginchiyo brought him into the Tachibana clan to carry on the family line. The couple were as fearsome as Ginchiyo's father Dosetsu, who had been known as Raijin, God of Thunder, and together they lead the clan in vicious clashes with the Shimazu clan and others. The clan received its domain in Chikugo after Toyotomi Hideyoshi conquered Kyushu.

The family crest "Daki-hana-gyoyo", was a pair of Gyoyo, a pair of riding equipment from Eurasia that resembled apricot leaves and was said to be popular as a chic decoration among warrior clans. This design was often used by Otomo clan retainers.


Crest Protection


Special Reward

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