Tatsuke-style Cannon

Stamina Change B+ Skill Change C+
Dexterity Change D+ Attack Multiplier 689
Break 160 Parry 0

Tatsuke-Style Cannon is a Hand Cannon in Nioh


Tatsuke-Style Cannon Description 

"A special cannon used in the Tatsuke style of firearms. It's streamlined  mechanisms make it an ideal combat weapon. The founder of the Tatuske style, Tatsuke Kagesumi, was one of three famous firearms specialists, and served Tokugaka Ieyasu. He was able to achieve a direct hit with a cannon on Osaka Castle's main keep during the Siege of Osaka. " 


Possible Status Effects 

  • Hand Cannon speed Up (Fixed) 
  • See Reforge Table. 


Location/Where to Find 




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