Armor of the Exceptional: Kabuto

Armor of the Exceptional Kabuto
Defensive Multiplier 182 (L150) Weight 6.4
VS. Fire 5 VS. Water 0
VS. Wind 0 VS. Lightning 0
VS. Earth 0 VS. Poison 0
VS. Paralysis 0 VS. Yokai Realm 0
Stamina 7 Strength 7

Armor of the Exceptional: Kabuto is a Head Armor in Nioh.


Armor of the Exceptional: Kabuto Description

"A helmet referred to as a 'suji-kabuto', it resembles the shape of a brush tip. The vermillion beetle-horn crest contracts with the traditional elegant 'shikoro' neck guards and 'fukikaeshi' plates, and when combined with the 'menpo' visor, makes this a conspicuous piece that leaves the opposition cold. This Tosei-gusoki armor was owned by Shima Sakon, the tactician who served Ishida Mitsunari. Sakon was a man who possessed keen intelligence, his tactics keeping Tokugawa Ieyasu in check. As a military commander, he was both courageous and wise, and touted as being 'too good for Mitsunari'. The staid navy blue thread binding on the black lacquer 'kozane' scales are a reflection of Sakon's intelligence and fidelity."


Possible Status Effects


Location/Where to Find

  • Can be obtained from the Main Mission: "Sekigahara" in the Sekigahara Region as a reward.



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