Armor of the Exceptional: Kote

Defensive Multiplier 182  Weight 6.3
VS. Fire - VS. Water 3
VS. Wind - VS. Lightning -
VS. Earth - VS. Poison -
VS. Paralysis - VS. Yokai Realm -
Stamina  7 Strength 7

Armor of the Exceptional: Kote is an Arm Guard in Nioh.


Armor of the Exceptional: Kote Description

"Kote arm guards featuring the same navy blue lashing as the do, with the core being made from light gauge iron covered in tough leather. The light weight allows for good manoeuvrability, whilst affording protection from the elbows down over the backs of the hands. The palms are left exposed to aid in handling weapons. This Tosei—gusoku armour was owned by Shima Sakon, the tactician who served Ishida Mitsunari. Sakon was a man who possessed keen intelligence, his tactics keeping Tokugawa leyasu in check. As a military commander, he was both courageous and wise, and touted as being "too good for Mitsunari. " The staid navy blue thread binding on the black lacquer "kozane" scales are a reflection of Sakon's intelligence and fidelity."


Possible Status Effects


Location/Where to Find

  • Can be obtained from the Main Mission: "Sekigahara" in the Sekigahara Region as a reward
  • Smithing Text: Sekigahara



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