Young Ninja's Locks

Type Usable Item

Young Ninja's Locks is a Usable Item in Nioh.


Young Ninja's Locks Information

"A lock of hair from a young ninja who fell in battle, it is used to obtain 1 onmyo skill points. Since ancient times the hair of the deceased is said to harbour mystical powers that grant strength and protection to those who keep it on their person"



  • Grants 1 Ninja skill point when used


Location/Where to Find

  • Quest reward for Way of the Ninja: Novice
  • Deep in the Shadows: Halfway down tunnel to the bottom layer of the cave, guarded by Dweller
  • The Spirit Stone Slumbers: Behind Sentry closests to the Nurikabe
  • Found in The One-Eyed Dragon's Castle: On a corpse guarded by two Ninja's and a Ninja Yokai.
  • Quest Reward for The Isle of Demons (WotW confirmed)
  • Quest Reward for Wreathed in Flame (WotW confirmed)
  • Quest reward for The Three Angry Gods ( WotS, WotD, WotW confirmed, WotN and WotSam please check)
  • Quest reward for The Magatama of Fire (WotD and WotW confirmed)
  • Quest Reward for The Ogress ( WotW confirmed)
  • Quest Reward for Of Withered Grass and Yokai (WotD confirmed)


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    • Anonymous

      24 Mar 2021 03:09  

      Do any of the hair lock items have any use besides giving skill points? Like should I just use them immediately? Or can they be used for other stuff, like how in DS the souls were able to make weapons?

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