Kuroda's Determination is a Mission in Nioh

A crimson sky of doom hangs over Sekigahara, and a yokai infestation appears to have begun there. This is no time for fighting our fellow man. Lord Nagamasa is also reportedly doing his best to stop both sides of the battle. But Lord Nagamasa does not have the strength to stand against the yokai. I fear for his safety... Will you go and see if he is all right.



General Information

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  • Region: Sekigahara
  • Giver: Hanzo
  • Recommended Levels: 90 to 120
  • Bosses: none
  • Rewards: ??
  • Gold: ??
  • Amrita: ??
  • Shrines: 1
  • Clearing this area opens ??
  • Must unlock ?? for multiplayer


Kuroda's Determination Map


NPCs in the area

  • Kuroda Nagamasa


  • ?
  • ?
  • ?



  • 00x ??
  • 00x ??
  • 00x ??


  • ?
  • ?
  • ?


  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Smithing Materials

  • 00x ??
  • 00x ??
  • 00x ??

Keys & Other

  • ?
  • ?
  • ?


  • 1 Skeleton Swordsman
  • 1 Dweller
  • 1 Large Dweller
  • 2x Karasu Tengu
  • 1 x Onryoki

Lore Notes:

  1. Kuroda Nagasama is wearing a Different Helm, this helm is apparently a Helm from a friend he made a promise to, he wears the helm to honor that promise.
  2. Example lore note
  3. Example lore note


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  • ??

Kuroda's Determination Walkthrough


 Click here to go to the Speedrun Walkthrough.

you should Spawn right out front of the first and only shrineshrine, just past you should be greeted by Kuroda Nagasama on top of the cliff wearing a different helm. after some optional dialogue he will run off and start fighting some Yokai off screen. Head down into the valley with a rock in the middle., not the cannon in the corner as well. Once you get close to the rock, the first wave of enemies will spawn and you will be sealed in. you must defeat all 3 waves consecutivelyt to pass the mission. dying will leave you starting again from Wave one.

Wave 1: Dwellers & Skeleton

A Skeleton Swordsman should spawn to the right, a dweller to the left and a large dweller behind the rock. these guys aren't tough but will try to swarm and over whelm you. at this stage of the game they can take out players very quickly as each attack hits upwards of 500 damage.

if your fast enough, you can bait the swords man attack and parry them, Haze 2 or equivelent should almost kill him instantly if not leave them out of key and on the ground. The two dwellers will try to swarm you, use the rock to kite them and try to seperate the smaller one from the large one. we want to kill the smaller one first. if you cannot deal with the skeleton in time then switch to the smaller dweller anhd take it out again using the rock to kite and seperate it from the group. then do the same to the skeleton if its still alive. With the Large Dweller on its own, its attacks slow but powerful and has a decent amount of HP you can use it to prepare for the next phase. this single dweller should not cause problems at this stage of the game.

With the Large Dweller on its own, it's attacks slow but powerful and has a decent amount of HP you can use it to prepare for the next phase. This single dweller should not cause problems at this stage of the game. The Next phase...not so much.

Wave 2: Two Tengus

This is the hardest phase and probably the Hardest fight since the Trail of the Master. the first Tengu will spawn just behind the Cannon, then about 5 seconds later a second one will spawn near the Yokai forcefield blocking our escape. One Tengu is Hard enough but two is very difficult. the tengus hit upwards of 1400 damage per hit and both will chase you around the valley.

If you have the Sloth Spell use it on the first Tengu, you want to kill or do as much damage to the first before the second one spawns. Living Weapon can get the Job done but more often than not the second one will show up and knock you out of Living Weapon before you can finish the first. Power Pills can help increase your damage.

If the First is still alive when the second Tengu spawns escape behind the rock before you get killed faster than you can say "cornered". Tengus may be susceptible to salt, problem is Salt has pitiful range and it takes 3-4 to reduce the Tengu's Ki completely, you'll die long before you'll get to use it.. like Wave one you want to kite the tengus around the rock, focusing on the first who hopefully should be nearly dead. the tengus can fire Wind Slashes but if your close to the rock they should miss, this can leave the first open to a bait and hit. The Tengu staff sweep and clip through the rock and deal 1400 damage so always be aware of what each of them is doing. The Tengus will not let any greed or narrow targeting go unpunished, they love to hit you off screen when focusing on one of them.

Once the first Tengu is dead, the second Tengu is Far more manageable on its own. as usual you can bait its claw + kick, get a hit in, then block its pole counter attack. be vigiliant as like all Tengu's they can kill you very easily.

Wave 3: Onryoki

Onryoki should spawn near the back of the valley behind the Rock. This is the final phase, once Onyroki is defeated the mission will end. Despite being 4x the size of the Tengu's he does around 1200 damage but some of his bigger far slower and heavily telegraphed attacks can push 2000. Onryoki has alot of HP though and after the fight with the Tengus you may or may not have any Elixirs left and may be already on the verge of death. this is a battle of mental endurance and patience. as if you screw up, you will die.

Like the 2nd phase Boss fight you want to bait his 3 hit combo (and not be caught in it) and his 2H Jump slam. this should leave him open for quite a few attacks. avoid standing behind him, onryoki has a moderately fast 180 claw attack that is hard to dodge. Onryoki doesn't have the Steel balls but sometimes it appears his AI will go looking for them to throw at you, he will instead use a normal attack.

Once Onryoki is defeated Kuroda Nagasama will pop out of hum, he will then thank you for saving him and the mission will be complete.

Kuroda's Determination Map


Speed Run Walkthrough

A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.






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    • Anonymous

      I died several times with level 40 to 50 gear despite my level within the recommended range. I used 2 tricks:
      1. The 1st trick is to stock your 2 types of kurenai (1 hit and the 3 hit-type) to shortcuts and the last one for shuriken (3 slots for ninjitsu and 1 for healing). For me, I have 15 multi-hit kurenais and 14 shurikens and and 7 single-hit kurenai slotted.

      2. The 2nd trick is that when the 1st tengu appear, fight him at the middle rock but keep your vision of that 1st tengu to be half of its body behind the rock (you have to kite the 1st tengu around the rock but position your character diagonally from the rock within a certain distance), doing so, you reduce the chance of him flying up (because he can't see you) and attack you. The half-body vision will make him use melee attack around the rock, buying time for you to unload your ninjitsu item on him. Around 2 or 3 ninjitsu item spam and you need to rotate or dodge around the rock and maintain that half-body vision. When he is around close to half hp or the 2nd tengu appears, the 1st tengu's hp should be below half and you can panic-spam and kill 1st tengu. Also, if your ninjitsu item is used up, spam living weapon.

      3. As for the last boss, he is slow so if you are using kusarigama, you can go high stance, kite him around and use the kusarigama's strong attack (the hook that shoots forward) when he fell down on the floor with his attack or after he slam the ground. 1 strong attack in per slam or fall and chip his hp away without taking any damage.

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